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  • Hallo Zusammen,

    trotz Tank DLC und 2 Wochen Ruhe hat sich leider gar nicht sooooo viel getan :


    BwG Gefechtshelme

    Update vom 31.03.2018

    -Gefechtshelm SpezlKr. schwer (MICH TC2000)
    -Gefechtshelm SpezlKr. Half-Cut schwer (MICH TC2002)
    + Update:
    -Luciekralle inklusive Mount beim MICH2000 hinzugefügt.

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    Faces of War

    Update vom 08.04.2018

    Spoiler anzeigen

    - AB new helmets
    - US helmets reworked
    - ranks for AB
    - Dutch Windmill asset
    - Flags
    - Horizon Islands Faction
    - UK mkII helmet with Foliage camo
    - Fallschirmjäger Knochensack Sumpftarn camo variant
    - Panzer Lehr Division
    - Some EU map assets (wip for now)
    - M1903a1 modeloptics
    - UK Para gear Khaki Variants
    - Polish Paratroopers
    - Polish Commandos (No.6 Troop)
    - Polish Commando and Para berets
    - UK Commando Wool hat Variant
    - maroon and tan SAS berets
    - Norwegian Commandos (No.5 Troop)
    - cromwell optic 75mm (petrtlach)
    - fow_optional_increasedGearCapacity_c
    - A6M Zero (very wip)
    - F6F Hellcat (very wip)
    - new texture for NCO M1 helmet
    - minor cfg tweaks
    - improved attenuationEffectType for vehicles
    - Kokoda:
    - more FoW vegetation
    - Some new tunnels/caves + filled in defence areas more
    - EnvSound tweaks, shouldnt be silent anymore + river volume decreased slightly
    - hatches sounds
    - mk2 fak camo texture bug
    - Cromwell tracks don't move
    - Corrected spent cartridge eject location to bottom side for MG34 and MG42
    - Panther coaxial MG smoke is coming from the main gun hole
    - type 77 mg was very inaccurate
    - folaige attached to the turret was moving with the gun barrel
    - m5a1 collision
    - mass for TNT
    - mass value for m1928 (USMC)
    - manual bolting module
    - US Army M4A2 texture bugged in VG
    - USMC Rifleman (M1 Carbine) has an M1 Garand webbing instead of the carbine one
    - cromwell commander cupola can now rotate
    - AB uniform improved
    - removed movements' sounds for the moment
    - Improved garand ping sound (fixed MP bug)
    - improved get out\in for statics

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    Update vom 12.04.2018

    Changelog Link

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    Nimitz for Arma3 (0.100)

    Update vom 29.03.2018

    This is a major upgrade for the USS Nimitz in Arma 3. Please see the changelog for the changes of the last half year in detail. The highlights are:
    Spoiler anzeigen

    • The SAMs have been upgraded, so that the tubes are used one after each
    • other. Also the modded missiles were replaced by vanilla RIM-116 and
    • RIM-162 missiles. The AA crews are now responsive as they start on
    • CombatMode Red.
    • A general quarters alarm was added to the Nimitz. It can be activated from the bridge or entrance of the island.
    • The displays and monitors on the bridge have now been made a hiddenselection, so they can be changed in a mission now.
    • The elevators are now settable to be lowered or raised when mission
    • starts, check the Eden attribute for it. Unknown source to be attributed
    • for the idea.
    • The launch crew and their animations have been overhauled thanks to
    • Moose and NightIntruder. The launchcrew and shooter scripts can be
    • overriden by a module attribute for the catapult module.
    • The landing sequence has been overhauled to play an alarm when a plane
    • extends its tailhook in the carrier vincinity. The landing script is
    • configurable via the arrest module.
    • The tailhook effect has been changed when a plane successfully traps,
    • the hook is raised slightly now. Thanks to B10 for the template in the
    • Jets DLC!
    • The Tilly is now drivable, albeit very crudely. It can also attach a plane or helo and release it.
    • The IFLOLS optical landing guidance system is now functional aboard the Nimitz. The IFLOLS script has been overhauled.
    • A new island texture has been provided by Odyseus and NightIntruder.
    • Drones likes the Sentinel should work with the catapult and arresting wire scripts now.
    • The ambiance module takes into account the carrier number and applies the appropriate F/A-18E/F skin from Jaentzen now.

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    EA-18G Growler

    Update vom 09.04.2018

    - defaultUserMFDvalues added in config
    - maintenance

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    Und damit sind wir durch!
    Schönes Wochenende!

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