3 Commando Brigade

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    • Hello everyone,

      we have some good news from our mod team!

      We are very pleased to announce, that following a lot of hard work, our mod team has released the latest set of 3CB BAF mods.

      The key features of this release are:
      • A brand new L129A1 and TA648 scope
      • Two new Merlin’s from the Naval Air Squadron, the HC4 and HM2.
      • All helicopters are now fully compatible with the sensors and weapon systems introduced in the Jets DLC, and are once again operational
      • A twin GPMG version of our WMIKs, sporting the new GPMG model.
      • Improvements to the mortars, including WP and airburst rounds
      • Extended logistics system
      The update also includes over 200 other improvements and tweaks. The full change logs can be found in the respective threads in the modding section of the forum.
      3 Commando Brigade

      Realism. Tactics. Fun.

    • The Public Server is now also running on the new hardware.

      If you're using A3sync to automatically connect to the server, then unfortunately you'll need to manually clear the connection info to connect to the new server. This is a two step process.

      1. Remove all the 3CB server addresses. (See the screen shot below)

      Select the "online" tab.
      Select each 3CB server and hit the red X, to delete.

      2. Refresh the 3CB repo script. (See the screen shots below)

      Select the "Repositories" tab
      Select "3CB A3Sync Repository" and hit edit (the pencil)

      Type the following in the "public auto-config url" field: repo.3commandobrigade.com/autoconfig and hit "import"
      Then press ok.

      To check that all is working, go back to the "online" tab and you should see the following.

      The important part is that the IPs are all game.3commandobrigade.com

      3 Commando Brigade

      Realism. Tactics. Fun.

    • Hello everyone!

      Joint Operations
      After our first Joint Operation of the year with Gruppe Adler, we planned to do a Joint OP with 3PARA. This Joint OP had to be postponed and we aim to take part in it in April. We did another small Joint Op with Gruppe Adler in February and we have plans to do a Joint OP with Companá Eagle from Spain in May. We are also obviously looking forward to take part in the Coopetition 7 from ArmA World.

      Apart from that we are still working on several mod updates and fixes for our 3CB Mods. We will give out more information about this when we are closer to a release of these updates and fixes. So stay tuned for that.

      We also made a change to our Discord Server. The server now has a public channel for questions that are not about our mods or joint operations, or where you can just hang out and have some friendly conversations with out members and guests. You can join our Discord Server here.

      Public Server
      After one round of testing, we also put a new and upcoming mission for our public server back online for another 3 days of testing. The mission is called Murghab District and takes place on the map Lythium. The mission itself is a Insurgency/Hearts & Minds scenario in which you gather intel from the local population and you support them by doing things like removing IED's and repelling insurgent forces.

      See you on the Battlefield
      3 Commando Brigade

      Realism. Tactics. Fun.

    • Good evening everybody,

      Upon further review we have amended the rules / guidelines for our public server. We felt that some rules sounded rather vague and this has led to some confusion in the last weeks.

      Gameplay Rules (Public Server)
      • No team-killing (regardless of the perceived annoyance or trouble a player is causing) or base destruction/defacement.
      • While in-game, all players must ensure they are in the correct TeamSpeak channel (Radio Comms[A]), unless in Technical Help or assisting an NCO/CO.
      • Do not arrest people using the ACE/other function. This is considered griefing, unless there are consensual role-play circumstances or someone needs to be moved (e.g. they are AFK).
      • No running around in enemy kit.
      • No using enemy vehicles, even if you think it's a good idea.
      • Do not select a pilot role, if you are not proficient with flying in Arma 3.
      • All support assets regardless of type (e.g. Aircraft, Mortar, Zulu, BPT, etc) are to communicate and coordinate their actions with the infantry sections.
      • The public server is not a training server. If you require training, please contact the 3CB training team or practice in the privacy of a locally hosted game.

      Gameplay Guidelines (Public Server)
      • When joining the server, please attempt to fill empty section roles from the top down (I.e. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3…)
      • Check that any support asset (e.g. Aircraft, Mortar, Zulu, BPT, etc) is currently required, prior to joining/creating the support team. Discuss and clear your intentions with the lead element (usually 1-1C, or 1-0 if present).
      • In general there should be no more than one support asset per infantry section.
      • Ensure you are using the appropriate gear for your chosen role. E.g. Long range radio only for SL/FTL, the correct weapon for your role (LMG, GPMG, Marksman, Sharpshooter, AT, etc) and an adequate amount of supplies (medical gear, explosive equipment, etc).
      • If you choose non-default BAF gear, you will be solely responsible for your own resupply. Company/Troop/Section leads are not obligated to prioritise or cater resupply for non-default BAF gear.

      These guidelines are intended to shape the experience on the public server to be representative of the experience on our private (members only) operations. These are guidelines and not rules, as we do not wish to limit creativity. However, if you find yourself continually outside of these guidelines, then this server is probably not for you. Please use common sense.

      *New/changed guidelines/rules in blue.
      3 Commando Brigade

      Realism. Tactics. Fun.