Dogs of War- Public KP Liberation Event

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    • Dogs of War- Public KP Liberation Event


      Public Event: 20. April 2018

      The DOGS OF WAR are a small but growing unit of mature german players, who seek for a semi realistic milsim experience.
      We are looking for mature and open hearted people for a good night of ARMA3 KP Liberation Mode! We are playing this operation since 2 Months. This is the second time where we open our Server to the Public.
      We are looking for squad leaders, medics, tank crews, logistics, demolition specialists, pilots as well as almost any other infantry role. We are also welcome players that are new to Arma. So no worries we will help you with everything.

      Informations, Slotlist, Modpack...

      for questions please join our discord channel:

      Dogs of War Discord

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