ArmA3 BwMod [Unofficial and Community Supported]

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  • Ersten Post angepasst, Danke für die Info!
    Passwords are like underwear. You should change them often (okay, maybe not every day). Don’t share them. Don’t leave them out for others to see (no sticky notes!). Oh, and they should be sexy. Wait, sorry, I mean they should be mysterious. In other words, make your password a total mystery to others.
  • Vollständiger Changelog (BWA3 Version 1.3.1):

    -added: Heli pilot uniform to both BW gear boxes
    -added: TFAR-radio to AH Tiger
    -fixed: CTD when starting the game after 1.54 update
    -fixed: "Error: Bone XYZ doesn't exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton" RPT spam
    -fixed: "Cannot open object bwa3_weapons\bwa3_rsas.p3d" popup when attaching NSV600 to ZO4x30
    -fixed: IFV Puma ABM doesn't work (#14)
    -fixed: Random RPT error when switching from the gunners seat in an otherwise empty IFV Puma
    -fixed: IFV Puma and MBT Leopard ammunition modules only work on empty vehicles
    -fixed: MBT Leopard loader-MG5 has no sound (#15)
    -fixed: Sound effects of lock and incoming missile detection system of AH Tiger (#16)
    -fixed: Serial number on AH Tiger could be "00"
    -fixed: Tiger Parscap FireGeometry