ArmA3 BwMod [Unofficial and Community Supported]

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  • Vollständiger Changelog (BWA3 Version 1.3.1):

    -added: Heli pilot uniform to both BW gear boxes
    -added: TFAR-radio to AH Tiger
    -fixed: CTD when starting the game after 1.54 update
    -fixed: "Error: Bone XYZ doesn't exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton" RPT spam
    -fixed: "Cannot open object bwa3_weapons\bwa3_rsas.p3d" popup when attaching NSV600 to ZO4x30
    -fixed: IFV Puma ABM doesn't work (#14)
    -fixed: Random RPT error when switching from the gunners seat in an otherwise empty IFV Puma
    -fixed: IFV Puma and MBT Leopard ammunition modules only work on empty vehicles
    -fixed: MBT Leopard loader-MG5 has no sound (#15)
    -fixed: Sound effects of lock and incoming missile detection system of AH Tiger (#16)
    -fixed: Serial number on AH Tiger could be "00"
    -fixed: Tiger Parscap FireGeometry